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How is the Allen real estate market doing for September 2012

Allen Home Prices Sept 2012


The average sales price of your Allen home went up 7.4%! That is awesome news, for a month to month comparison.


There were 12.6% less new listings and 30.1% less existing homes on the market. That means your Allen home is facing far less competition and will be that much more exciting to potential home buyers. Its a great time to be selling in Allen!


It took an average of 58 days to sell an Allen home in September which is down 38.9%! Can you see all the numbers pointing you to be on the market for sell?

I am ready to sell

…or maybe just ready to see what your home is worth, either way you can fill out our free home evaluation form. We will get your numbers together and call you with a brief summary. We can answer any questions, tell you how the process works and answer any questions you may have. If its not the right time to sell, its no problem. Information is key to making a smart move in real estate and thats what we are here for.

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